Physical Cheating vs. Emotional Cheating

Is your man building an emotional intimacy with another woman? It may be considered emotional cheating.

When people talk about cheating, more often than not they are talking about a physical act of cheating.  A physical act of cheating would be sleeping with another person or other physical behaviour deemed unacceptable in the relationship.  However, there is another type of cheating that is a lot less talked about but no less hurtful.  This type of cheating is called emotional cheating.  Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Knowing the Difference

Understanding a physical act of cheating is pretty easy.  If a partner has crossed a line physically with someone else – this is clearly an act of physical cheating.  Emotional cheating has a few more grey areas.  It is harder to judge if an emotional line has been crossed.  However, if your man is talking to another woman on the phone for hours, meeting up for coffee with her in the afternoon, and writing emails back and forth all day, you have reason to be upset by this.  Just because he is not doing anything physically with her, it does not mean that he is not intimate with her.  Expressing your intimate feelings, dreams, desires – is something usually done between you and your partner.  If he is talking to you less, and her more – you have a right to feel betrayed.  Emotional intimacy is the glue that holds healthy relationships together.


  1. Emotional Cheating can lead to Physical Cheating

Having an emotional relationship does not always mean that they are meeting in person.  The talking could be done over phone, email, text, etc.  However, if they are meeting in person, there is a good chance this relationship will turn into something physical.  They already have a great connection mentally which is harder to achieve than physical chemistry which means they’ve already got step one covered – step two (physical connection) is likely to follow.


  1. How it Damages the Relationship

If he is emotionally bonding with another woman, the bond with you is going to suffer.  He simply can not give himself fully to two separate women. The longer he keeps it up with the other woman, the more your relationship with him will suffer, and will more than likely end because of this.

It may be hard to classify emotional cheating and he may believe he’s doing nothing wrong because he’s not being physical.  However, a strong emotional bond is important and he should not jeopardize it.